The Proposal

Everyone’s favorite right?

We went ring shopping in NYC almost 8 months prior to when he did propose. We had obviously talked about marriage and I knew it was coming.. sooner rather than later. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel a lot (he owns his own internet company and I manage our rental properties in AZ & OH and we both can work remotely from wherever). Every time we traveled somewhere, I thought it was going to be THE trip. But it never happened.


We were out in Arizona working on remodeling one of our rental homes (boring, “work trip” if you will). We were sitting around one Friday morning about 2-3 weeks into our stay in AZ and looked at each other and said “We should do something fun this weekend.” We needed to take a break from picking paint colors & kitchen door knobs.  We google-ed “things to do in Arizona” and Lake Havasu kept popping up. We thought “What the heck, its a few hours away and we love renting boats and spending the day on the water.” We threw some clothes into a bag and booked a hotel room while in the car on the way there.


Since I’ve been anticipating Mark proposing for almost a year now, I always packed a cute dress with the intention of trying to anticipate the proposal and looking my absolute best. Hello Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. I threw all caution to the wind with this one. I mean, I packed Old Navy flip flops,  cutoff shorts and some tank tops. I packed one dress, which I don’t really even like and forgot the strapless bra that I would need if I had wanted to wear it.


As we arrived at our hotel, two things happen:

1. I find a heads up penny and pick it up and say “this is going to be a good weekend.”

2. we are told our hotel’s wifi password is cold beer. Again, “this is going to be a good weekend.”


Fast forward to the next day when we were out on a pontoon boat just the two of us & he plays “faithfully” (our song) on his phone and gets down on one knee in the middle of a lake… while I’m in a bathing suit of all things. I’m certain it is every girls dream to be proposed to in a bathing suit. His proposal was caught on film too. He had set up our digital camera and had it sitting on a seat capturing the whole thing!


I try to reflect back and figure out how I missed the cues, if any? We’ve been living out of 2 carry on suitcases and his backpack trying to get this rental house all fixed up. I know I unpacked the suitcases and ransacked his backpack looking for a hotspot internet thing (upon Mark’s request) so where was this ring the whole time?! Turns out he had hidden it inside a bag, inside an old camera case, inside his backpack. Smart guy – although he probably shouldn’t have sent me looking through his backpack.


And now I will be Rachel Jenney in just a few months ❤

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