WEDDING PICS, well the preview anyway!

I’ve bragged about her before on here, but our photographer and “new” friend over at did such an outstanding job capturing our wedding day. Seriously, outstanding. I’m not sure how she narrowed it down to these for our highlight reel and I’m not sure how Mark and I are supposed to narrow it down and pick ones to print, but we will see.


My reception dress!


My sweet mother and I!

My handsome groom getting ready!

My handsome groom getting ready!

The best girls I could possibly ask for!

The best girls I could possibly ask for!

Mark and I did a "first look" right before the ceremony. It was such a special moment to see each other for the first time alone, except for the photogs and videographer of course.

Mark and I did a “first look” right before the ceremony. It was such a special moment to see each other for the first time alone, except for the photogs and videographer of course. Highly recommend doing a first look on your special day!

first kiss

First kiss! See that shiny new ring on his finger?!

Our adorable flower girl!

Our adorable flower girl!

Our favorite people in the world!

Our favorite people in the world!

love him so so much

love him so so much

The sunset was the perfect end to our special day and led to some gorgeous pictures!

The sunset was the perfect end to our special day and led to some gorgeous pictures!

You can view the entire preview here! password: rmwedding.2014.0.5

Hope you enjoy our pictures as much as I do!

We’re MARRIED!!!

Well, we are officially married!!! It was the perfect day! Although we had to go with plan b for our ceremony because of some heavy rain the days prior to May 10th, everything else went off without a hitch!  And most importantly, I’m married to my best friend!!! I’ll post probably 100 more times about our wedding day but here are some sneak peeks from our photographer! She does GREAT work! You can check out her Website Here or her Facebook Here!














At some point she told me she has already taken 1000 pictures, I don’t think we had even started the ceremony yet…


Rachel Jenney

How Cute Are My Parents?

Hi Everyone! We’ve been super busy getting things ready for the wedding and for our RV Honeymoon! I’ve been crafting away and arranging and re-arranging reception layouts and Mark has been working on remodeling our RV (stay tuned for pics from that) & planning some routes for our road trip! Buuuut, I did have my final dress fitting the other weekend and something really fun happened afterwards!

I asked/begged my mom to pull her wedding dress out from under my childhood bed and try it on! AND SHE DID, because she is a doll. Isn’t she such a babe?

My mom’s wedding dress circa 1985




The back of her dress

I was having so much fun I couldn’t stop  there! So I tried on her dress too! I’ll admit, she rocked it better!


Like mother, like daughter


And then my dad got himself involved in the festivities!



I mean, how cute are they?!


Overall it was a good day! My dress fits like a freakin’ glove and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I literally cannot wait until May 10 (btw, 12 days away) to show it off to my fiance/husband!! My mom pulled out her wedding dress for the first time since she wore it 27 years ago and my dad even turned off whatever game he was pretending to watch (while actually napping and snoring and disrupting dress up time) to take our pictures and pose with an old wedding picture! I can only hope that Mark and I have a marriage like my parents do and that 27 years from now, I will be pulling out my wedding dress and trying it on for my daughter after she has her final wedding dress fitting!



How Pure Barre Saved My Wedding

How Pure Barre Saved My Wedding

Okay, okay…that is a little dramatic. BUT if you have read and/or decide to keep up on my (our) blog, you will soon learn that I do have a little flair for the dramatics.


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.27.40 PM


In all honestly, Pure Barre really has been the thing that has kept my sane throughout the last few months. I had heard about this Pure Barre thing here and there for a littlewhile and even have good friends who had urged me to try a class out. Of course I hadn’t listened and was content running on a treadmill in my basement and hating life (it was winter in Ohio, there were few options). I was intrigued with the idea of Pure Barre and its low impact class style with ballet, pilates & whatever other influences that I had been told went into the class, but the cost at $20 a class roughly and the 35 minute drive to the closest studio weren’t really up my alley. I can also note that running has been the only consistent exercise that I have ever stuck with, so I didn’t have high hopes for adding Pure Barre into my life.

I was laying in bed one morning, debating on whether it was time to finally get up and start my day (it wasn’t), but I had gone through my normal procrastination routine of Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TimeHop, CNN, Pinterest and back to Facebook to see if anything new had happened in the last 20 minutes (nope) and resorted to opening my Groupon App. Basically this would be one of the best decisions I ever made. See, procrastination IS key. The first thing Groupon recommend for me was a package at Pure Barre. It offerend 10 classes for $69 dollars. SCORE. I could absolutely handle committing to driving to 10 classes if they were only $7 a class! I signed up for my first class about 2 weeks later as it took me 2 solid week to muster up the courage to actually try this unknown.

I was addicted about 3 classes in.


The first few classes I felt like a fish out of water. I felt like I was flailing around and not doing any of it right. How can lifting my leg only 1 inch, or standing on my tip toes and squatting my legs only 1 inch or doing a crunch where I only move 1 inch or using a 1 lb weight really do anything? But lo and behold my seat (Pure Barre’s word for butt) was shaaaking after about 8 leg lifts, my thighs were shaaaking after a few squats and my abs were shaaaking after one set of crunches and my arms? My arms felt like jello after using 1 lb weights. The next day I felt it even more.

It took me about 20 days to use my 10 free classes and I immediately took advantage of their “Bride to Be” package which gave me 3 months unlimited classes! I have been consistently going to classes ever since then. The first class I took was 12/20/2013 and as of 4/22/2014 I have completed 72 classes. My original goal was to hit 100 classes because YOU GET TO WEAR A TUTU AND TIARA DURING CLASS and I really want to do that, before the wedding, but that ain’t gonna happen. This was an unrealistic goal anyway because on the day I made it my “goal,” I would have had to go to a class every single day from then until the wedding. Now my goal is to hit 100 classes before we leave for our RV Honeymoon Adventure and I’m 100% confident I will be wearing that tutu and tiara in no time!

When people ask my why I’m obsessed with Pure Barre, I always hesitate before I answer. Not because I don’t love it, but because the answer is so much more complex than “because I got skinny” or “because I got abs” or “because I love the people there.” All of which is true, but it is so much more than that. On the (sad) days that I don’t get to go to a class, I feel very off  that day. The physical changes are second (although greatly appreciated) to the happiness, inner strength & confidence I feel when I leave class. It is the only 55 minutes that I dedicate to myself ever. I refuse to let my mind wander away from the instructors cues and I only focus or perfecting my form or getting a little lower. I don’t think about reception seating plans, or wedding flowers or anything wedding; I don’t think about work; I don’t think about anything other than what position my body is supposed to be in or what muscle I’m supposed to be working. It is the perfect escape from the craziness that is wedding planning (or life in general).

Here are the things I love most about Pure Barre:

1. It doesn’t get easier, it just gets better. Once you learn exactly what muscles you are supposed to be using – did you know you can move your legs by contracting your abs?!? neither did I! – the movements get better because you’re using your muscles better and deeper.

2. The classes are never the same. Although there will always be a warm up, thigh work, seat work, floor work, 7 minutes of abs and then a final stretch, you never know what specific series you’re going to do that class. It is great! Some series you will learn you like more than others, but you always have to give it 110%.

3. I got to vamp up my legging collection (& grippy sock collection).  It is the perfect excuse to buy all the leggings and tank tops and jackets your little heart can desire (okay, maybe not all that you can desire) but you do need to have the appropriate clothes for class. As I had mentioned, I used to run. I do not run in leggings so I went on a little shopping spree to update my wardrobe for all the classes I was going to be taking. Also, the perfect time to buy grippy socks. I have a whole drawer dedicated to grippy socks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.39.16 PM
I will keep my “tuck on” and “lift.tone.burn” my way through these last 3 weeks of wedding planning, knowing that I have 55 minutes to myself at Pure Barre to center and ground me for whatever life throws at me that day! Thank You Pure Barre for rocking!


My Wedding Will Look Like Pinterest Threw Up

Pinterest and I have a very strong love/hate relationship. I love that Pinterest has so many great ideas on it. I love that I can waste an entire day pinning things I will never do but think that I might one day. I love that Pinterest inspires me to be creative. I hate Pinterest for all the same reasons. I started my wedding board exactly 5 minutes after Mark proposed and I keep adding things to it Our wedding is in 25 days and I still call my mom almost every day and say

“I saw this really great ____________ on Pinterest today. I think it will only take us a few hours to craft and I neeeeeed to have it on May 10th.”

She sighs deeply but knows that she won’t win the battle of convincing me I do not need yet another Pinterest project on my plate. And so the list keeps growing. My mother has been a saint during all this wedding planning. She has basically put her life on hold for the last year to help me with all the planning- Sorry Dad! She spends all her days off going to appointments, surfing Pinterest and helping me craft. Some days we get a lot of stuff done. Some days we don’t. I literally could not have done this without her. THANKS MOM!

On the … short … list of things we have crafted for this wedding:

  • table runners
  • table numbers
  • cake stands
  • card box
  • pallet signs
  • succulent “J”
  • “LOVE” marquee sign
  • wine bottle glasses
  • drink stirrers
  • menus
  • wood plank centerpieces
  • photo booth props
  • various little decorations pieces here and there
  • a candy bar
  • place cards
  • favors
  • directional signs

Without giving too much away, here is a little collage of some of the above items. I simply cannot wait until May 10th to see it all come together. Thank you again Mom for all the hard work you’ve put into this wedding!!!!


Want to follow me on Pinterest? You can do that here: PINTEREST!



See you soon Thorncreek! Isn’t it beautiful!!!


Mark’s Surprise Bachelor Party

Where to start with this story?

Perhaps here: Mark is very busy with work. He is trying to get systems in place, people hired and ready to thrive in their roles and new initiatives planned out and ready to roll all before we leave for our RV Honeymoon. He can’t just walk away from his companies for a few months without putting in some serious time right now. That being said, he didn’t really have the time to plan a bachelor party and/or actually take time away from work to go on a bachelor party. A few weeks ago he had sort of decided that he was going to do a “post bachelor party” [he made this term up, it is NOT a real thing] and that was the last I heard about a bachelor party. Side Note: I was perfectly fine with the idea of no bachelor party 🙂 

Mark and a few of his business partners had to go out west to Vegas and then to San Francisco for a few trade shows this past week starting on Tuesday. These are annual trade shows, nothing out of the ordinary. Tuesday – Thursday pass without anything out of the ordinary happening. Friday morning, I get a text message from Mark that is a video.


I first notice my brother, Jason in light blue. Weird. Why is Mark sending me a video that has my brother in it while on a work trip. Then I notice that I know all of these people sitting around the table. But they DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER. ever. for any reason. ever.

Turns out, Mark has some pretty great friends including his business partner and longtime friend Vinnie Fisher that planned a Surprise Bachelor Party on the tail end of this business trip! How Fun!! Everyone (who wasn’t already on this business trip) had flown in Thursday evening and was ready to party Friday-Sunday! They did the standard bachelor party heavy drinking on Friday night (I’ll spare you the onslaught of videos I received in the wee hours Friday night) but they also did some non traditional party things!

Boat Ride Around San Fran Bay

Boat Ride Around San Fran Bay

Outside the Google Office!


Some of the Group!



They visited the offices at Google, Nasa (one of Mark’s friends works there – wow!), took a boat trip around the San Fran bay and walked around Muir Woods! I’m told there was no drinking Saturday night because everyone was whooped from the night and day before! I’ll play along with that story for now….

It made me so happy to hear the surprise in Mark’s voice and the excitement to spend a few days with his friends. I’m so glad he got to experience a real bachelor party and not a “post bachelor party!” The only issue is: I was banking on his fall “post bachelor party” as a convenient excuse to have another girls weekend. So, I’ll have to work on a different approach to that.

39 days and counting!!!


Bridal Shower 2.0

I forgot probably the best part of my bridal shower. My Nana (grandmother) who just happens to be the best person alive.

Here is how the story goes:

One time my 86 (almost 87) year old grandma bought my lingerie for my bridal shower. The card read:

“You probably didn’t put this on your list of “needs.” 
But I’m sure you can find a good use for it! Enjoy!”
Needless to say, my personality runs generations deep and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope Mark enjoys this special gift from grandma!

Rachel, Mom & Nana


The Most Appropriate Gift Ever


Bridal Shower

Last weekend marked my bridal shower! The seemingly last wedding related event before the actual wedding. I’ve now experienced the engagement, engagement pics, bachelorette party and each one brings me more and more excitement for 5.10.14!

The shower was thrown by some of my aunts and a cousin and my mom. They did a great job and I can’t imagine a more perfect day! It was held at a wine bar, so really, what more does someone need?

I was spoiled with gifts from family & friends and immediately came home and rearranged the kitchen.. twice, to make room for all my new kitchen toys! All I want to do now is throw dinner parties every night. Nothing makes you feel more special than having almost 50 people come spend a Sunday with you celebrating your upcoming marriage ❤

Some Of My Best Friends

My Lovely Mother!

Cutest Prizes!

Saturday Inspiration

I am a huge fan of quotes. I could post hundres of thousands of quotes, especially those creatively displayed (thanks Pinterest). This one speaks to both my wedding brain & my travel brain! I’m saying yes to new adventures as husband & wife and new adventures traveling the USA in a RV!

Say Yes To New Adventures

Other things I’ve said yes to (in no particular order): the groom, the venue, the cake, the photographer, the dress, the second dress, the shoes, the theme, the colors, the DJ, the videographer, the menu, the signature cocktails, the favors, the invitation style, the linens, the timeline, the rehearsal dinner, the decorations…

But perhaps the most important thing I’ve said yes to… the new adventures.

Happy Saturday!

The Proposal 2.0

I know I have a page dedicated to the proposal, but I wanted to revisit the day with PICTURES this time!!

What a perfect day it was! The sun was shining, I was oblivious that my world was going to change (for the better) and I was head over heels in love.

Short version of the proposal: We were out on Lake Havasu, just the two of us and Mark starts playing music on his phone. The second song being “Faithfully” by Journey (our song). He comes over, gets down on one knee & asks me to be his wife!!!! I like to think of myself as pretty aware of my surroundings/able to pick up on things. I had no idea he was going to propose. I didn’t even know he had a ring.

For those of you who know me, you would think was reaction would be loud shrieks and screaming. WRONG. I was dead silent. My whole body was shaking and my throat was dry. I think I eeked out the words “are you serious??” Once I finally realized what was going on and was able to come to grips I was able to scream out yes and I couldn’t stop shrieking for the rest of the night!

I think my favorite part of the proposal was that it was our little secret for several hours. We were out on the boat all day and didn’t call/text anyone until a good 5 or 6 hours after the fact. How magical!

Here are some pics – enjoy!


A reenactment of the proposal!


Thumps Up & All Smiles


Our Celebration Dinner