My Wedding Will Look Like Pinterest Threw Up

Pinterest and I have a very strong love/hate relationship. I love that Pinterest has so many great ideas on it. I love that I can waste an entire day pinning things I will never do but think that I might one day. I love that Pinterest inspires me to be creative. I hate Pinterest for all the same reasons. I started my wedding board exactly 5 minutes after Mark proposed and I keep adding things to it Our wedding is in 25 days and I still call my mom almost every day and say

“I saw this really great ____________ on Pinterest today. I think it will only take us a few hours to craft and I neeeeeed to have it on May 10th.”

She sighs deeply but knows that she won’t win the battle of convincing me I do not need yet another Pinterest project on my plate. And so the list keeps growing. My mother has been a saint during all this wedding planning. She has basically put her life on hold for the last year to help me with all the planning- Sorry Dad! She spends all her days off going to appointments, surfing Pinterest and helping me craft. Some days we get a lot of stuff done. Some days we don’t. I literally could not have done this without her. THANKS MOM!

On the … short … list of things we have crafted for this wedding:

  • table runners
  • table numbers
  • cake stands
  • card box
  • pallet signs
  • succulent “J”
  • “LOVE” marquee sign
  • wine bottle glasses
  • drink stirrers
  • menus
  • wood plank centerpieces
  • photo booth props
  • various little decorations pieces here and there
  • a candy bar
  • place cards
  • favors
  • directional signs

Without giving too much away, here is a little collage of some of the above items. I simply cannot wait until May 10th to see it all come together. Thank you again Mom for all the hard work you’ve put into this wedding!!!!


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See you soon Thorncreek! Isn’t it beautiful!!!


Wedding Planning

Although this blog will be devoted to our RV Honeymoon, I wanted to also include some wedding details because, you know, we have to have a wedding before we have a Honeymoon!

Mark proposed on May 11, 2013 and we are getting married May 10, 2014. Funny story about that.

As previously mentioned, we have rental properties in Arizona and were in AZ when he proposed. Arizona has SIGNIFICANTLY better weather than Ohio. Significantly. Arizona has 290+ days a year with sun. Ohio has barely 160. Not to mention Arizona’s winters are roughly 40 degrees. Yes, thats their winter cold. Anyway, we were in Arizona for most of the end of what most call late winter/early Spring. It was around 80 degrees and I was swimming and laying out at the end of March. I had a horrible perception that Spring is 80 and sunny and decided I needed to have our wedding outside… but in Ohio. I wanted romantic, rustic, elegant outdoor white tent. By the time we arrived back in Ohio and started looking at venues, it was full on summer – June – and the weather was gorgeous. I was having the hardest time finding a venue that would a.) hold our reception size, around 200-300 we were guessing and b.) was outside and pretty. I had heard of this winery, ThornCreek Winery but was having a hard time getting in contact with someone (botched email address correspondence, phone tag, etc). This venue was my last chance. I had driven around and visited at least 20 venues in the greater North Eastern Ohio and was slowly telling myself I was going to have to settle for an indoor, reception hall vibe.

In a final act of desperation, my mother and I just showed up one day at ThornCreek Winery. It was a Monday, they were closed. Luckily for us, the winemaker was in and he happily showed us around (& gave us wine, bonus!). It was love at first sight. After I came down from cloud nine & realized I had yet to ask the most important question yet… is it available for any Saturday May-August. I was very flexible in all details relating to venue at this point. Being the winemaker, he looked at me and said in the nicest was possible “I make wine, not wedding plans.” Not ready to accept that I would have to wait xx hours before finding out if there were any dates available, I kindly complimented his wine again and asked if there was anyway he could find out. He said he would check the event coordinators office because “he thinks he keeps a folder for each wedding.” He came back with a piece of notebook paper that, at first glance, every Saturday it seemed was filled until into August. Not Good. Panic swept over my body.

A look at the list of taken dates

My mom found a small hole in the date he had written down. May 10th was available. Quick check of the phone showed that it was in fact a Saturday! It is also almost 1 year exactly from the date Mark proposed. It was fate mostly!!! My mom points out it is Mothers Day Weekend. I’m okay with that. I quickly ask/demand that he allow no one to even breath in the direction of the event coordinator until May 10th officially becomes our wedding date.

After several emails and phone calls over the next 24 hours, the event guy finally tells me that the day is ours and I am head over heels. Now I just have to show it to Mark and get his approval….

Luckily, he LOVED it as well!

See you May 10, 2014 ThornCreek!