The Start to A Wonderful #RVhoneymoon

Well, the guys over at Avalon RV Center pulled through and got our RV all fixed up! I told them I would write something nice about them since they helped us out, so here it is guys. Hope you’re reading this!

We got the RV back on Thursday around 4 and drove him home! We unhitched my car and ran a few last-minute errands. How we still had errands to run as we were supposed to leave dayyys ago is beyond me. We got home from our errands and went to load some stuff into the RV and the electronic step didn’t work. Weird. As I’ve mentioned, we are not very RV savvy yet (and I doubt ever) so we just assumed (there’s that word again) we were doing something wrong and went and got ice cream at Strickland’s instead of messing with it. We thought maybe it would fix itself by the time we returned. No such luck. I had the bright idea maybe we should just turn the RV on and that would fix it. Well, it didn’t fix it but THE RV WOULD NOT TURN ON. It wouldn’t even try to turn over. REALY!?! Are there hidden cameras somewhere, because this cannot be normal.

Well, it is now 8 pm and our only choice is to call GoodSam as we are members. The guy walks us through a few things and still nothing. He says the only guy he could find to come help us would be around 9 am tomorrow. “Better than sometime next week,” is all we can say. We get the rest of the RV loaded up because “we are leaving tomorrow even if we have to push the RV in neutral down the street to the Walmart.”

The mechanic arrives at 9 am ish, to our pleasant surprise, and informs us our battery is 110% dead and we need a new one. Fine. He goes and gets a new battery and puts it in and Stan (thanks mom for the great RV name) starts right up!!! YAY!!! I wanted to kiss the mechanic I was so happy! We loaded up the last few things and hit the road around noon! #RVhoneymoon has officially started!!!

Mark, officially in the captain's chair!

Mark, officially in the captain’s chair!

We head towards PA as our plan is to head east to the coast and then up it into New England and possibly Canada! Everything is great, we are riding smoothly and enjoying the drive and views and company. Our first stop along #RVhoneymoon is a place Mark found called “Joe’s Bar.” It doubles as a taxidermy museum. In fact, there were more animals than bar. Also, you can smoke in bars in PA apparently so we got out of there STAT after viewing the museum.

Joe's Bar everyone!

Joe’s Bar everyone!

Now for the fun stuff. The keys have to be in the ignition for my car to be towable. As we were planning on walking around the little downtown and go to “Joe’s Bar,” we didn’t think it wise to leave the doors unlocked and car keys in the ignition whether it was hooked up or not. When we got back, we went through the series again to hook up the car to be towable and put the robo-brake in. We start on our merry way and get about .1 miles and people start honking at us. WHY!?! I know we are a big RV driving through your little town, we’re sorry we are blocking intersections. But then we see it, smoke billowing out from my car’s tires. (slightly dramatic, not billowing so much as barely smoking- poetic license over here). Anyway, we stop and realize the robo-brake is just in the down position, so we’ve been basically dragging my car with the brakes initiated. Oh vey.

It has been about 4 hours since we left home for anyone keeping track.

Considering we were blocking about 85% of the town’s downtown intersection, we decided our best plan is to just unhook the whole thing, test the car to make sure we didn’t cause permanent damage and I would just follow Mark to the campground about 30 mins away and we would readdress robo-brake tomorrow. So for about 1/5 of our #RVhoneymoon, Mark and I weren’t even in the same vehicle. *golf clap*

I'm driving my car and following Mark. The drive to Brenner's Meadow Run was reallyyy beautiful and my iphone pic taken while driving doesn't really do it justice.

I’m driving my car and following Mark. The drive to Brenner’s Meadow Run was reallyyy beautiful and my iphone pic taken while driving doesn’t really do it justice.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. We put some food in our bellies and went to Walmart because, you guessed it, we realized we forgot stuff and needed stuff we hadn’t even thought of. It is the start of our first full day of #RVhoneymoon and we’re headed to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and Laurel Canyons! We will address robo-brake tomorrow when we leave. Stay tuned for pics and I’m sure more stories of trial and error (which I know is the real reason most of you read this 🙂 )

Our first night at a campground!!!

Our first night at a campground!!!


p.s. I just spellchecked this, and I had spelled “brake” – “break” the entire post.

Throw Back Thursday

Feeling nostalgic as of late. Probably considering our wedding is FAAAAST approaching. I normally don’t participate in #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) because I’m far too lazy to find pictures old enough to be considered a throw back. I’m talking baby pictures from Mom & Dad’s house. One day I will remember to just scan a lot of them when I’m there and have a backlog of them ready for every Thursday for the rest of my life. I could throw back some middle school pictures, but wait, no, way to awkward looking. [White eyeliner and glitter on my cheeks, yikes] or high school, but wait, no, way to awkward looking. [heavy black eyeliner and refusing to wear anything but inside-out-hoodies and sweatpants to school, yikes again] I could Throw Back some college pictures, but I fear my future in-laws will judge me in a very negative way. Also, these college pictures are still prominently framed in my office and I refused to acknowledge that my college days are now enough in the past to be considered Throw Back.

So on this fine Thursday, here are some Throw Backs of Mark and I. As much of a Throw Back as you can get from only knowing each other 2.5 years.


collage4collage1 collage2 collage3

Throw Backs from: the dinner after Mark proposed, the first time I took Mark to THE Ohio University, our first (and only) time skiing, a holiday work party, a dinner date at Gervasi Vineyards, the actual proposal, my favorite picture of us of all time, a picture of us climbing some bamboo trees in Hawaii, us at the Grand Canyon, a night out at Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland, us at a comedy show in Chi-town, a picture of us being slap happy in Arizona, a casual stroll along the beach in Malibu, The eve of New Year’s Eve, a Jason Aldean concert at Blossom, a picture from a spontaneous birthday trip to Florida, us posing for a picture while on a safari in Africa, and finally, a picture from a party we had on Dec. 21, 2012 (End Of The World Party). The End. Happy Throw Back Thursday everyone!

P.S. Sorry for all the pictures but it is fun to take a stroll down memory lane sometimes!

Inspiration For Our RV Honeymoon


People always ask us how we decided on taking a road trip across the US for our honeymoon. I guess it comes down to a trip we took 2 years ago. We drove from Phoenix, AZ to San Diego and then all the way up the coast (OH-1, PCH) to Napa Valley! We took about 3 weeks to make the drive and love every.single.minute of it. We had no plan, we just drove. We didn’t make hotel reservations until mid afternoon. If we wanted to stay in a city for 1 night we did; if we wanted to stay for 5- we did that too. It was so much fun to have no timeline, no rules and no pressure to fit any and all sightseeing in that we wanted. Looking back, this was one of the most memorable trips we have ever taken!

Road Trip from San Diego to Napa Valey

^A little look back from the trip. San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Napa Valley, Big Sur ❤

We stopped for significant amounts of time: San Diego, La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco & Napa Valley and a slew of other smaller areas for quick stops. A grand total of over 700 miles! Not too shabby!

T- minus 66 days until the wedding!

Wedding Planning

Although this blog will be devoted to our RV Honeymoon, I wanted to also include some wedding details because, you know, we have to have a wedding before we have a Honeymoon!

Mark proposed on May 11, 2013 and we are getting married May 10, 2014. Funny story about that.

As previously mentioned, we have rental properties in Arizona and were in AZ when he proposed. Arizona has SIGNIFICANTLY better weather than Ohio. Significantly. Arizona has 290+ days a year with sun. Ohio has barely 160. Not to mention Arizona’s winters are roughly 40 degrees. Yes, thats their winter cold. Anyway, we were in Arizona for most of the end of what most call late winter/early Spring. It was around 80 degrees and I was swimming and laying out at the end of March. I had a horrible perception that Spring is 80 and sunny and decided I needed to have our wedding outside… but in Ohio. I wanted romantic, rustic, elegant outdoor white tent. By the time we arrived back in Ohio and started looking at venues, it was full on summer – June – and the weather was gorgeous. I was having the hardest time finding a venue that would a.) hold our reception size, around 200-300 we were guessing and b.) was outside and pretty. I had heard of this winery, ThornCreek Winery but was having a hard time getting in contact with someone (botched email address correspondence, phone tag, etc). This venue was my last chance. I had driven around and visited at least 20 venues in the greater North Eastern Ohio and was slowly telling myself I was going to have to settle for an indoor, reception hall vibe.

In a final act of desperation, my mother and I just showed up one day at ThornCreek Winery. It was a Monday, they were closed. Luckily for us, the winemaker was in and he happily showed us around (& gave us wine, bonus!). It was love at first sight. After I came down from cloud nine & realized I had yet to ask the most important question yet… is it available for any Saturday May-August. I was very flexible in all details relating to venue at this point. Being the winemaker, he looked at me and said in the nicest was possible “I make wine, not wedding plans.” Not ready to accept that I would have to wait xx hours before finding out if there were any dates available, I kindly complimented his wine again and asked if there was anyway he could find out. He said he would check the event coordinators office because “he thinks he keeps a folder for each wedding.” He came back with a piece of notebook paper that, at first glance, every Saturday it seemed was filled until into August. Not Good. Panic swept over my body.

A look at the list of taken dates

My mom found a small hole in the date he had written down. May 10th was available. Quick check of the phone showed that it was in fact a Saturday! It is also almost 1 year exactly from the date Mark proposed. It was fate mostly!!! My mom points out it is Mothers Day Weekend. I’m okay with that. I quickly ask/demand that he allow no one to even breath in the direction of the event coordinator until May 10th officially becomes our wedding date.

After several emails and phone calls over the next 24 hours, the event guy finally tells me that the day is ours and I am head over heels. Now I just have to show it to Mark and get his approval….

Luckily, he LOVED it as well!

See you May 10, 2014 ThornCreek!