Day 2 // Driving Day, Giant Quarter & Hershey Park

Hi ūüôā

Today we drove from our first spot to Hershey, PA. We stopped (or tried to stop) a few places along the way.¬†¬†We first tried to find gravity hill. You’re supposed to be able to put your car in neutral and it will roll up hill because the gravity is weird here. I think it is all just an optical illusion but still cool. Only we didn’t do our research before and weren’t looking for the “GH start” that was¬†supposedly spray painted on the road and missed it. We only say “GH end” and by that time, we were so over winding¬†roads and just gave up.

one lane, winding roads = not fun

one lane, winding roads = not fun

We were in the middle of nowhere and had no cell service at this point and thought we were on our way to our next “drive by” destination on our way to Hershey, PA. Only once we got back into cell service, we realized we had passed our destination. 0/2.¬†¬†So, great start to day 2. It turned around and we found the giant quarter along the road and took some pics!

Giant Quarter!

Giant Quarter!

another shot from the giant quarter

another shot from the giant quarter

We made it to our new campground Hershey Camping Resort¬†a little before dinner! We stopped at Harvest Restaurant in the Hershey hotel. It claims to serve a lot of fresh, organic and local ingredients, which is right up our alley! The restaurant and concept I would give a 5 star but the actual food left a little to be desired. We thought we would just head back to the campground for the night but realized the Hershey’s Chocolate World was still open!! Score, what a lovely dessert that would be!

The Hershey Park!

The Hershey Park!

Get it? Kisses in front the Kisses sign?!

Get it? Kisses in front the Kisses sign?!

We took the tour and learned a little bit about how chocolate is made but then we did the real stuff: we made our own candy bars and they were delicious! We got to wear these awesome outfits. And by awesome I mean, we look truly awful. Enjoy.



We were equal parts stuffed, tired and wire on candy. So we called it a night. That’s all for now!


Saw This, Loved This

Just a quick little post on this Sunny & Hot day (in Arizona anyway) Saturday evening! I saw this today and loved it! I don’t need a cure right now for anything as I’m happy & healthy as can be, but you never know when you might need a quick pick me up! If you are feeling down today, I hope this helps!




I feel guilty every time I type that, but I still do. I’m the worst.

So we are all set to go on our RV Honeymoon Road Trip across the country, except we remodeled the RV and it wasn’t going to be done before the wedding. We had also always planned to wait a week or two to get our house all cleaned up from the wedding, give me some time to legally change my name (yay!) and to wrap up a few business things but something seemed¬†wrong about having this whole wedding weekend just to return to work come Monday. Even having a huge road trip planned just in front of us, it just didn’t feel relaxing/loving enough. So we booked a “prehoneymoon” (sorry) to the only destination we knew we couldn’t get to in our RV. Turks and Caicos. We came down here about 1.5 years ago for my birthday and absolutely fell in love with the island (more specifically, Providenciales).

The water is an incredible shade of turquoise, the food is excellent, the locals (belongers) are friendly and the mantra of the island is calm and relaxing. Just what we needed.

We spent the first few days lounging around our room, reading (I read 4 books by our 3rd day here) and just relaxing. By the way, we are staying at the West Bay Club which is a great place if anyone is in the market.


Our room & view at The West Bay Club 

We then decided to spend a¬†day driving around the Island. Probably one of our favorite things to do while traveling is to explore. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or Christopher Columbus-esq but we¬†love to just drive around and see what else is outside of the traditional tourist things, which love too.¬†We ventured around the island with a goal of seeing Chalk Sound.


Chalk Sound

We stopped first at Da Conch Shack. We ate a delicious lunch of fresh fish. How fresh? Well one of the employees was literally fishing/getting Conch out of the ocean directly in front of us. Mark even helped take the conch out of the shell. So yeah, pretty fresh.


Mark helping remove the Conch from the shell

We kept driving around with our map. Map is a very vague term here. The roads aren’t named, less the “highways” and some roads don’t even make it onto the map. Directions go something like this. “Take a left at the second big tree and then a right at the church.”

photo (48)

the map you get when you rent a car

Here are some more pictures of our exploring the island!


Enjoying our lunch at Da Conch Shack


We spotted a starfish on the beach


We ran into another couple exploring who kindly took our pic! 


The water is nothing short of incredible.


Mark busting me for taking a shameless selfie in Chalk Sound


Some places, the water doesn’t even look blue because it is so clear all you can see is the sand on the bottom!

and finally, we found a bajillion dollar house. Don’t believe me? It is for sale, check it out here.¬†




We’re MARRIED!!!

Well, we are officially married!!! It was the¬†perfect¬†day! Although we had to go with plan b for our ceremony because of some heavy rain the days prior to May 10th, everything else went off without a hitch! ¬†And most importantly, I’m married to my best friend!!! I’ll post probably 100 more times about our wedding day but here are some sneak peeks from our photographer! She does GREAT work! You can check out her¬†Website Here¬†or her¬†Facebook Here!














At some point she told me she has already taken 1000 pictures, I don’t think we had even started the ceremony yet…


Rachel Jenney

Throw Back Thursday

Feeling¬†nostalgic¬†as of late. Probably considering our wedding is FAAAAST approaching. I normally don’t participate in #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) because I’m far too lazy to find pictures old enough to be considered a throw back. I’m talking baby pictures from Mom & Dad’s house. One day I will remember to just scan a lot of them when I’m there and have a backlog of them ready for every Thursday for the rest of my life. I could throw back some middle school pictures, but wait, no, way to awkward looking. [White eyeliner and glitter on my cheeks, yikes] or high school, but wait, no, way to¬†awkward¬†looking. [heavy black eyeliner and refusing to wear anything but inside-out-hoodies and sweatpants to school, yikes again] I could Throw Back some college pictures, but I fear my future in-laws will judge me in a very negative way. Also, these college pictures are still¬†prominently¬†framed in my office and I refused to acknowledge that my college days are now enough in the past to be considered Throw Back.

So on this fine Thursday, here are some Throw Backs of Mark and I. As much of a Throw Back as you can get from only knowing each other 2.5 years.


collage4collage1 collage2 collage3

Throw Backs from: the dinner after Mark proposed, the first time I took Mark to THE Ohio University, our first (and only) time skiing, a holiday work party, a dinner date at Gervasi Vineyards, the actual proposal, my favorite picture of us of all time, a picture of us climbing some bamboo trees in Hawaii, us at the Grand Canyon, a night out at Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland, us at a comedy show in Chi-town, a picture of us being slap happy in Arizona, a casual stroll along the beach in Malibu, The eve of New Year’s Eve, a Jason Aldean concert at Blossom, a picture from a¬†spontaneous¬†birthday trip to Florida, us posing for a picture while on a safari in Africa, and finally, a picture from a party we had on Dec. 21, 2012 (End Of The World Party). The End. Happy Throw Back Thursday everyone!

P.S. Sorry for all the pictures but it is fun to take a stroll down memory lane sometimes!

I Bought Myself A Present…

… and it took me on a trip down memory lane.


A little back story for all you readers out there –>

Mark and I had quite the start to our relationship. There is no saying this more eloquently: Mark¬†Was My Boss/CEO/Owner of the Company. I had been employed at my first (subsequently only) big girl job for just about 3 months before I thought it was a perfectly acceptable and normal decision¬†to start talking to Mark outside of work. It started out innocent enough (think dinners and nights out in downtown Cleveland) but fast forward 2 more months when I was sitting in my parents’ living room telling them that I had just quit my part-time job at The GAP and was going to quit my big girl job and temporarily move to Austin, TX with Mark and some of his friends to spend winter in a warmer climate.

Wait, what?

Surprisingly, it didn’t go over as¬†horrible¬†as I thought it was going to go with my parents. They had their doubts [as any parent would]¬†and frankly, so did I. But I was determined follow my heart on this one. I found comfort in Charice’s “Louder.” How I even heard this song for the first time is beyond me, but her lyrics “Let my hear speak louder than my head” really resonated with me at this point in my life.¬†It was one of the craziest and best decisions I have ever made in my life. I hardly knew this person and yet here I was, quitting my job and moving across the country – away from my family and friends and the only support system I had ever known.

Of course Mark and I have had our ups and downs since that “move” to Austin almost 2.5 years ago, but each and every high and low have made us who we are. ¬†Austin didn’t really play out like it was supposed to (another story for another day) but we had jumped right into a relationship not really knowing what we wanted out of it at first, but we slowly figured it out along the way. ¬†See my Facebook post from 2012 below. See a theme emerging about following my heart here? I’ll get back to the present I bought myself here shortly, promise!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.15.45 AM

I recently went to Jewel Kade party and as I’m flipping through the catalog, a necklace jumps out at me. “Follow Your Heart.” It was one of those customizable necklaces where you can add a gem here or there and add whatever words you want to the pendants. Perfect. See the final product below! As soon as I saw it in the catalog I immediately thought of that FB post from Austin and I truly believe that if I hadn’t followed my heart ¬†back in 2012, Mark and I would not be where we are today!




Bridal Shower 2.0

I forgot probably the best part of my bridal shower. My Nana (grandmother) who just happens to be the best person alive.

Here is how the story goes:

One time my 86 (almost 87) year old grandma bought my lingerie for my bridal shower. The card read:

“You probably didn’t put this on your list of “needs.”¬†
But I’m sure you can find a good use for it! Enjoy!”
Needless to say, my personality runs generations deep and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope Mark enjoys this special gift from grandma!

Rachel, Mom & Nana


The Most Appropriate Gift Ever


Saturday Inspiration

I am a huge fan of quotes. I could post hundres of thousands of quotes, especially those creatively displayed (thanks Pinterest). This one speaks to both my wedding brain & my travel brain! I’m saying yes to new adventures as husband & wife and new adventures traveling the USA in a RV!

Say Yes To New Adventures

Other things I’ve said yes to (in no particular order): the groom, the venue, the cake, the photographer, the dress, the second dress, the shoes, the theme, the colors, the DJ, the videographer, the menu, the signature cocktails, the favors, the invitation style, the linens, the timeline, the¬†rehearsal dinner, the decorations…

But perhaps the most important thing I’ve said yes to… the new adventures.

Happy Saturday!