Babymoon: week one

Hey y’all!! (when in Rome, right?)

It’s been a busy first week on the road for our babymoon!

Monday: drove from Akron to Asheville. This was not enjoyable. The previous times we’ve been out in our RV we’ve kept the generator on while driving allowing us to use the heat/air conditioning of the RV while driving. We’ve both read multiple articles about how it isn’t necessarily safe to drive with the generator on, so we didn’t this time and it got soooo hot in the RV. If you RV, do you drive with your generator on? We’d love to hear your opinions on this!

Tuesday: We started out in Asheville, NC to with 2 main objectives: 1. to see the Biltmore and 2. to catch up with my dear friend Sarah who lives an hour away in Greenville. She so graciously agreed to meet us in Asheville even though I gave her like 3 days heads up we were coming her way! We stayed at Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park. It was not the most scenic place as it was right next to the highway, but it was 10 mins away from everywhere we needed to be so it worked out perfect for us!


Sarah and I at brunch in Asheville!

Next up, we went to the Biltmore! I had never been before but Mark had! It was like 6 billion degrees out and I had (foolishly) dressed to impress (?) versus for comfort. BIG MISTAKE. My maxi skirt was like a sauna, my hair was sticking to all parts of my neck/back, my little jacket thing was so itchy and uncomfortable and I wore some bullshit sandals that provided zero support. It was like I forgot I was 7 months pregnant and that there was going to be a lot of walking around.

After I had my moment of crankiness, the day turned out wonderfully! The Biltmore is gorgeous and they really built the place up so that you could easily spend a long weekend there! On a side note, Asheville is way more of hippie town that I had imagined.


baby bump for dayz


I couldn’t even keep it together to take a selfie after being there for less than 5 minutes. SO OVER IT.


Walking (sitting) through the gardens at the Biltmore

Wednesday: We drove to Charleston. This drive was much more enjoyable since it was wayyy shorter but then it was a downpour as we drove into the city. Not impressed with the drainage (or lack thereof).


casual flooding in Charleston


more flooding

By the time we got our campground and got settled, it was dinner time! Mark had previously visited Charleston a few years back and had shrimp at a place that he couldn’t remember the name of. He talked about this shrimp more than anything and he needed to have it again. After a little Googling, he figured out the shrimp was from Hyman’s Seafood. We are well on our way to getting Mark his beloved shrimp. After looking at the menu, he realizes he doesn’t remember what exactly he ordered the last time he was here. *sigh* So he orders some special where you pick any 5 items from the menu because seriously, one of his picks has to be this shrimp.. right? Wrong, kind of. After eating all this picks he isn’t overly impressed with any of it. So unfortunately for Mark, he probably should have just let the first go around be the last.

Thursday: Today I dressed like a soccer mom and was 8,000% more comfortable and therefore there are 8,000% more pictures.

We started at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and it was like a dream come true. It was so dreamy and whimsical that it made me want to get married all over again (to Mark of course) but this time at a southern plantation! We didn’t do any of their tours or even go into the plantation house, we just spent a few hours walking around outside and it was perfect!








Then we moved onto Middleton Place. Same deal, we didn’t do any of the tours, just walked around. This was much more manicured and not necessarily my cup of tea which is why there are significantly less pictures.




Next up, we drove to Kiawah Island to look at some big houses and see the beach! Here’s how the conversation with Mark went:

Mark: Do you want to drive around the island first, walk the beach or eat first?
Me: Eat first, I’m starving.
Mark: Okay, we will eat but let’s just drive around real quick and then park and walk on the beach first
Me: Death Glare.

So again, no pictures because I was too hungry to care.

Friday: Today was all about The Notebook! We were going to visit two places where the movie was filmed! First up, Boone Hall Plantation! This time we actually did some of the tours including the plantation house and a trolley ride around the property! It was all super cool! Boone Hall is still a “working” plantation. They grow a bunch of produce and have local activities yea-round: corn maze/pumpkin patch/haunted stuff in the fall, Christmas stuff, Food/Wine festivals, Civil War Reenactments, etc. They actually have a pretty cool set up!


The driveway leading up to the plantation. My version looked liked poo so this is from someone else 🙂




Do you recognize the house? It was Allie’s parents’ summer house!

Scene from The Notebook to jog your memory!

Scene from The Notebook to jog your memory!


never knew this is how cotton was grown!IMG_5584


taken from the boat dock


strawberries picked from Boone Hall!

Up next was Cypress Gardens which was where all the boat scenes from The Notebook were shot! Again, soooo dreamy and whimsical!!

cypress gardens notebook

Scene from The Notebook to jog your memory!

cypress gardens, the notebook

Scene from The Notebook to jog your memory!

IMG_5528.JPG IMG_5525.JPG IMG_5547.JPG

IMG_5519.JPG IMG_5523.JPG

IMG_5606.JPG IMG_5549.JPG

Saturday: We drove down to Savannah, GA. Technically we were still camping in SC at Hardeeville RV-Thomas Park but we were 10 mins from Savannah. We ventured out to downtown Savannah and walked around and ate at the cutest restaurant called the Olde Pink House! We had seen a lot of signs for Hilton Head and figured we could make a quick stop there for dinner and another beach walk! After we made it through some horrific holiday traffic we again walked around a little, hit the beach and grabbed dinner!


Of course we needed some road-side peaches!


Wiser words have never been spoken!


Hilton Head!

Sunday: We drove to St. Augustine, FL which is somewhere neither of us have visited before! What an awesome little town. It’s the oldest town in America and was established in 1565!


The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in the USA 


The oldest (paved?) street in the USA


The oldest house in the USA



The El Galeon: We thought this was a super old ship, but apparently it’s just a replica. LAME.

Monday: BEACH DAY! Literally didn’t do a single thing expect read on the St. Augustine Beach and it was glorious!


I think that pretty much sums up week one of the babymoon! Having a blast so far but can’t wait to come home and create our baby girl’s nursery!!

P.S. I know that the general theme of my posts are about how bad at RVing mark and I are (all the towing issues, etc) but so far so good! We did have one little issue approx 2 hours into our drive on Monday. The CHECK ENGINE light came on in the RV. We stopped at Auto Zone so that they could use their little machine and see what the error code was. This has happened to us before and the connection port where the machine needs to be plugged into is like shoved up under the steering wheel column and pretty hard to get to. I had to crawl under the steering while, curled up into a ball to find it last time. I told both Mark and the Auto Zone guy where to look for the connection port but neither one of them could find it. I repeat my instructions again about where the thing is. Nada. So I have to crawl under there again, 7 months pregnant and wearing a dress to find the thing. It took me less than 5 seconds to find it. I told mark that he missed a good photo opportunity while I was down there on the floor. Anyway, it turned out to be something stupid with the quality of gas or something so we ignored it and went on our way!

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