Fall 2014 RV Road Trip: Escaping Ebola

As you may remember, Ebola was a scary thing a few months back. Some people freaked out, my husband decided to go off the grid.

As I remember it: There were confirmed Ebola cases in states other than Ohio and then one morning while driving to my Pure Barre class, I got a CNN notification that another nurse had a confirmed case of Ebola. The catch? She had visited Akron, OH and had felt sick while here. I immediately sent this to Mark and then went on to enjoy my 55 minutes of Pure Barre. I get out of class and look at my phone and see the following…


Apparently we were going to try to outrun Ebola. Yes I was aware that this logic was backwards. It would have been a lot “safer” for us to literally just stay in our house with no human contact for the next few days than to get into our RV and travel and be in the presence of thousands of strangers at every gas station, RV park, etc. BUT Mark wanted nothing to do with my logic and I gave up pretty quickly because I wanted to see some New England fall foliage anyway. Mark thinks he is out running a deadly disease and I get a little vacation, it was a win-win really.

I can’t remember specifics on where we went during this trip so I will have to rely on the geotagged pictures in my phone and hope that works. This is the main reason I need this blog, to keep track of what we did and where we did it! Mark can’t remember what he ate for dinner 2 hours ago so he’s no help in this department.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Newport, RI

photo 4

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

The Elms Mansion Newport, RI

The Elms Mansion Newport, RI

Salem, MA

Salem, MA


Boston Tea Party Ship Boston, MA


Fenway Park Boston, MA


Vanderbilt Mansion Hyde Park, NY


FDR House Hyde Park, NY


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