Day 11 // Connecticut

A little late on this post, but better late than never right.

While we were at dinner the night before, the restaurant owner got to talking to us and told us we should definitely look into taking a ferry across from Long Island to Connecticut. We looked into it and found a ferry that left about 30 mins from where we were staying and would drop us off in a good location in Connecticut for what we wanted to do there. The cost (approx $160) for us to take our RV on the ferry was about equal to what we would have to pay in tolls and the the emotional abuse we were going to have to take while driving through Manhattan again. SIGN US UP.  In true Mark and Rachel form, we arrived to Port Jefferson (departing city) at 11:57 when the ferry was supposed to depart at 12:00 and we literally could not figure out how to get in the parking lot of the ferry! We drove up and down the (narrow) road at least 4 times trying to figure out what were doing wrong. To add stress to it, as we were driving up and down the main road we were watching the ferry pull away. I guess there is always the next one, right?! We finally figure out what were doing wrong: it was one of those entrances where you could only enter from one direction which was obviously not the direction we came in from. I’d like to think we are smarter than a road & ferry entrance, but I guess not.

our little guy on the ferry

our little guy on the ferry

view from the ferry!

view from the ferry!

We made it over to Connecticut easily and headed out to our new spot: Riverdale Farm Campsite

Stan parked at Riverdale Farm Campsite

Stan parked at Riverdale Farm Campsite

We headed out as soon as we got there and went to drive around Yale and grab some dinner. Mark found some place that has been around for like 90 years and is supposed to have the best pizza ever. Apparently the gluten free thing is going to be a lot harder on the road than I thought. We didn’t really know where we were supposed to go to “see” Yale and were disappointed at first because what were seeing was not what we were picturing. We drove around a little more and found the super cool old buildings we were looking for!

so pretty

So pretty!

We headed over Pepe’s next and were amused when we turned the corner and there wer no less that 25 people standing outside the restaurant waiting to get in. It was like 7 pm on a Tuesday.. reallllly?! This better be some great pizza. It didn’t take as long to get seated as one would have imagined as part of the line was like a group of 13. Once we got in and looked at the menu I realized what type of place we were at. We have one similar to us in Akron that I.. loathe. I know that is a strong word but I’ll use it anyway. I’m talking about Luigis. Same story, old restaurant that people love and flock to. There is always a line outside of Luigis before it opens and various other times but I personally would rather eat dirt than Luigis. Luigis is only good at around 3 am after a night of heavy drinking. #hater. Anyway, back to Pepe’s. The only serve pizza and 2 salads. That’s it. I ordered a salad and a create your own chicken + veggie pizza. Mark ordered a 1/2 original tomato pizza and 1/2 clam pizza which is confusing because he doesn’t like clams. What a person (Mark) will do because of a good yelp review is amazing. The pizza was decent, but I certainly don’t think it warrants being listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die: USA & Canada. As we were leaving, the line outside was even longer! Crazyy!!

waiting in line for some pizza!

waiting in line for some pizza!

Mark's 1/2 clam pizza 1/2 original tomato pizza

Mark’s 1/2 clam pizza 1/2 original tomato pizza

I think that is it for our first day in Connecticut! More to come tomorrow!!


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