Day 8, 9 & 10 // Long Island, The Hamptons

Combining a few days for this post!

Day 8 // Driving Day. We left New Jersey for our drive out to Long Island and ultimately The Hamptons. We had a longerish drive, around 5 hrs in total. When we took off, we didn’t exactly know where our next campground was going to be as all the places we had called were sold out or only took walk up reservations. But, that is half the fun of it all – right?!

View of NYC coming up to it!

View of NYC coming up to it!

Anyway, we had to drive through Manhattan to get here which was ZERO fun. ZERO. First of all, we had upwards of $115 in tolls for the world’s shittiest roads. I legitimately felt like I was going to fly out of the RV as we hit pot hole, after pot hole, after pot hole. I had to go lay down in the bed because I was getting a headache from it all.

Manhattan.. in an RV.

Manhattan.. in an RV.

We called ahead to Wildwood State Park which told us they had a few spots left but they were all walk up/no reservations. As we were about an hour or so out, we figured we risk it and show up and see what happened. After the hellish drive to get there, we had our fingers crossed that the spots would still be available when we arrived because driving around and trying to find another spots seemed like a daunting task. As we pulled in, there was a big sign that said “no availability.” How can that be? We just called an hour ago?! We pulled in anyway hoping that they just didn’t take the sign down from the holiday before or something. Luckily, they still had a spot (and it seemed like a few more as we were driving through) for us and we found our new home from the next few nights! @ $27ish/night, this has certainly been our “prettiest” spot we’ve been too! It was late and we were both hungry so we grabbed some dinner at a spot close by and checked out the beach. After dinner we did some grocery shopping because there was a Whole Foods close by and we cannot pass up a Whole Foods! How 2 adults can spend $200 on food for an RV to store in a mini fridge and a cabinet the size of a tic tac is absurd, but such is our life.

Our new spot at Wildwood State Park!

Our new spot at Wildwood State Park!

Day 9 // The Hamptons. I had my eyes peeled for some celebs all day but didn’t see anyone! On the drive back to our RV, I did see via Kim Kardashian’s Instagram (yes I follow her, judge me) that she had just left the Hamptons and was back in NYC. Darnit, I missed my chance!!!! We grabbed some brunch at 75 Main in Southampton where Mark finally got his first taste of some good ol’ New England Lobster Roll (and then subsequently more lobster rolls throughout the day). I think maybe lobster rolls are growing on me as well and I nibbled on some of Mark’s and liked it! We walked around the little downtown area and then jumped back in the car for more!

the first of many, many lobster rolls for Mr. Mark Jenney!

the first of many, many lobster rolls for Mr. Mark Jenney!

We then headed to Montauk Point for a little lighthouse action! @ $9/person to walk up the lighthouse, it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon!

Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park

Montauk State Park

It was just a smidge windy...

It was just a smidge windy…

that's better!

that’s better!

Time for another lobster roll! This time at a cute little spot on the side of the road called “Lunch, the lobster roll.” Really, no beating around the bush here. Super casual spot that gave you a free beer with a Yelp check-in. Beats just about any other Yelp check-in, ever.


Now that our bellies were sufficiently full we headed to Easthampton and walked around this area for a little bit and then we tried (rather unsuccessfully as cell phone coverage seems to be awful there) to try to find where all the BIG houses were that we could go creep on. As it is a small area, we figured we would just guess and started driving around. We drove around and saw some big houses and found some beaches we could walk on and see the houses from that angle!

exhibit a

exhibit a

That about wrapped up our day. Drove home and cooked a nice dinner at the campground and went to bed.

Day 10 // Relax & Work day

Mark worked all day today and I walked my happy-self to the beach at the campground and read all day. It was marvelous. We found a great, and I mean great place for dinner tonight at Michael Anthony’s Food Bar. If you’re ever in the Wading River area make sure you check it out!!



5 thoughts on “Day 8, 9 & 10 // Long Island, The Hamptons

  1. I’m so happy you’re writing this blog!

    Kudos to Mark for driving in Manhattan. It doesn’t look like it would be fun in a car, let alone an RV.

    Nice picture of you are Mark on the hill above the beach! Did you ever get your hair untangled?

  2. Hi Rachel are you still driving the bus around? I was hoping it would go all the way across the USA like to California. Please be safe.

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