Day 7 // Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone! What a soggy day we are having here in New Jersey! Our RV park in a little bit flooded but nothing too bad. The rain is supposed to let up here soon (around 4) and then the wind is supposed to hit. Mark got a lot of work done today and I did some laundry. How we had so much laundry after only a week is a little bit confusing to me, but oh well. It seemed everyone else had the same idea about laundry day. I felt like I was back in college playing the “do I wait a few more minutes to see if the person comes back for their clothes or do I take them out of the washer myself.” Luckily, the person came back mid thought and took care of their clothes and washers were available! I realize this is not earth-shattering reading material, but hey.

mild flood...

mild flood…

Hopefully the weather clears up and we can head out to the Jersey Shore, MTV style later (Seaside Heights) today!! And then hopefully we can see some fireworks later too!


It did clear up, kinda. It stopped raining but it got very windy. Thanks Arthur. We did make it to Seaside Heights and we got to see the Jersey Shore House! It looked just like the TV show but somehow still wasn’t what I was expecting. Either way, it was fun! However, fireworks are cancelled all around this area so we are back in the RV binge watching Breaking Bad for the night.

Jersey Shore House!

Jersey Shore House!




we stopped in an arcade and played a competitive game of skibal.

we stopped in an arcade and played a competitive game of skiball

Happy Fourth everyone (I won ski ball)

Happy Fourth everyone (I won ski ball)



One thought on “Day 7 // Fourth of July

  1. Skiball? I’m glad I was able to teach you the name of the game all those years ago in Myrtle Beach! ; )

    Dad and I are glad you’re safe (and dry!)

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