Day 4 // Philadelphia

I have been waiting for this day since we added Philly to our list of stops a few weeks ago. Philly Cheesesteaks.. get in my belly!!!!! Now, I try to eat gluten-free but these few days don’t count. Like not even a little bit. We arrived around 7 pm to the city and I’ve already eaten (half of each) 2 cheesesteaks. So. Freaking. Good.

soooooooo goooooood

soooooooo goooooood

Now, I need suggestions for your favorite cheesesteak place because I’m judging I have about 4 meals tomorrow that I plan on eating nothing but cheesesteaks for.

But let’s back up a few hours. We were set to leave Hershey around 10:30 am but we slept in and took our time showering and packing up. And then we couldn’t get the stupid robo-brake to work and spent a solid 45 mins trying to get it to work. We did, but such a pain. So it had to be around 1 by the time we left. We headed straight for The King of Prussia Mall, which is the largest Mall in the U.S.A. Surprisingly, this was Mark’s idea as I just assumed the biggest mall was the Mall of America and trust me, I have and continue to make it clear that we are going when we are out there. Anyway, we spent a few hours walking around and I finally pulled the trigger on a silver watch! I forgot to take a pic of it but I will tomorrow. The watch was certainly the highlight of the mall trip!



Now back to Philly. As I mentioned, we arrived around 7 and had to sweetly ask our new neighbor if he could help us with our water heater because it was spraying/leaking water and we couldn’t figure out 1. why or 2. how to stop it. Luckily he was able to help (something about a faulty cap but luckily we had a spare just sitting in the compartment? Unclear, Mark’s territory = anything broken)

our new setup at Timberlane Campground!

our new setup at Timberlane Campground!

We hit the road and headed out to get some cheesesteak! Afterwards, we went downtown and parked and walked around! Here are some pics from our night:


Geno’s Cheesesteak



being silly with the life-size game pieces

being silly with the life-size game pieces!



Second cheesesteak stop of the night!

Second cheesesteak stop of the night!

Now that we are stuffed beyond stuff with cheesesteak, it’s off to bed to get plenty of sleep for a long day of Philly, take 2!



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