Day 3 // Hershey, PA & surrounding area

Since we knocked out the Hershey stuff yesterday, we drove around the surrounding area today and did some exploring. Up first was a house that is shaped like a shoe! Now if you know me, you know I love shoes & if you don’t know me, just believe with all your heart that I love shoes. I’m probably the only person who packed at least 10+ pairs of heels for an RV road trip. And that is just the heels, you probably don’t want to know how many shoes in total I brought.

The Shoe House!

The Shoe House!

We then stopped by an antique mall and walked around looking at all the treasures throughout. We were starrrving by this point and did a quick yelp search for a lunch spot and found a great cafe close by: Gaia, fresh food cafe. Highly recommend! Mark loves eating as healthy as possible (me too at times, but I’m certainly not ever going to pass up junk food) and this place was perfect. Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free options and delicious fresh juices and smoothies. Plus they have a cute outside patio which no matter how hot & humid summers can be around here, I LOVE sitting outside to eat!

Gaia Fresh Food Cafe! Yum!

Gaia Fresh Food Cafe! Yum!

Up next was a tour of Turkey Hill Ice Cream plant. Also known as the “Turkey Hill Experience.” We opted out of waiting over 1.5 hours for the create your own ice cream part and settled for the self guided (hallelujah) tour. But don’t worry, the tour came with all you can eat free samples. HEAVEN.

Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill Experience



As per a suggestion from a friend, we stopped by the Hershey Hotel & Gardens and walked around. What a sight and certainly worth the $11 dollars/person admission sign I rolled my eyes when we walked up. It is a huge garden with several different areas which is located up on a hill overlooking the Hershey theme parks. We ventured into the butterfly house. we have passed on several butterfly houses before on other travels, but it didn’t take long before we decided we regret all those times. It was so cool! It was fun seeing all the butterflies and having them land on you as well. We will definitely be visiting more butterfly houses in the future.





Mark with a butterfly on him!


pretty (the scenery, not us) 


Part of the garden with the Hershey smoke stacks in the background

We stopped by a roadside farmer’s market on the way back to our RV and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies for dinner. We broke in our new grill and cooked dinner at home for the first time. Delish!


Tomorrow we move on to the greater Philadelphia area for a few days. Wish us luck because we didn’t plan ahead (I know you’re shocked) and we don’t have a campground picked for the holiday weekend coming up. EEEEEEKKKK. Walmart it just might be!


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