The Grand RV Remodel

Let’s flash back real quick to the day we bought our RV. We love her (still accepting names for her) but decided she needed a little facelift.

The day we bought our RV <3

The day we bought our RV ❤

I put Mark in charge of the remodel as I was doing last minute wedding things and just didn’t have the time to help pick between shades of paint or to stay on our contractor who would be doing the work. Mark did the only logical thing in this situation.. he hired someone else to make design decisions and to coordinate with the contractor. Works for me. Whatever. Turns out the designer he hired, Anne, is/was amazing. She totally took our vision and made it come to life. AND all the work was done on time. A++ for Anne!

Here was our inspiration! If you haven’t used or heard of Houzz, go to the site immediately. It will get all your creative home remodeling & decorating juices flowing, even more so than Pinterest!

Our inspiration via Houzz

Our inspiration via Houzz

 Ta Da!!


Before & After of the “entire” RV


Before & After of our kitchen

And some more afters:


Another shot of the kitchen!


The bathroom!


The bedroom!

Can’t wait to call this babygirl (seriously, name suggestions people!!) home in just a few weeks!!


7 thoughts on “The Grand RV Remodel

  1. You still need to name the RV? Here are a few ideas. How about Stan in reference to where you had your first date? I searched using a variation of your last name and found it means Fair Spirit or White Wave. You could name it Nicholas, Joseph or Anthony for the patrons saints of travel. The patron saint for motorists is Frances. You certainly don’t want to name it Genevieve (patron saint of disasters.) How about Dionysus after the mythological god of wine, parties and drunkeness? There is Hera the goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. 😉 Hermes is the god of travel. Then there’s always the standard, Bob, Bertha or Gypsy! Please let me know when you need help naming children.

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