Miami Wrap Up

The trip extension came and went quickly and by the last night, I was ready for my own bed! We we had this sudden stroke of genius to make the most of our missed flight connection by staying in Miami, FL a few extra nights (in case you missed it, read about it here), we didn’t know it was Memorial Day Weekend. The craziness that is South Beach was increased by about 6,000%. The entire population of Miami’s airport at 10 pm on a Wednesday night was more than the entire population on TCI. I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I’d like to think that Mark and I can enjoy the laid back, no rush Caribbean scene just as well as South Beach’s 24/7 party with cabbies honking just to honk… but we were in bed by about 10 pm every night. So maybe not so much.

But we had a blast in Miami! Here is are some shots of what we did while we were here:

We took a boat ride around Miami Bay! We saw some dolphins, all the different skylines from the different cities that make up “Miami”, Stiltsville and some of the mega-homes along the way! If you’re looking for something different to do, check out Ocean Force Adventures for the boat tours! We took a 2 hour tour found here: Biscayne Bay Adventure Sightseeing!

Boat Ride in Miami Bay!

Boat Ride in Miami Bay!

We ate at Joe’s Stone Crab. DELICIOUS seafood and I got to wear a bib which meant I could eat as much as I wanted and didn’t have to “suck anything in” while doing so! I thought it was going to be a little hole in the wall restaurant, but it is not. It is huge and old-school upscale!  Want to eat here: Joe’s Stone Crab. 

Joe's Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab

We went to a Miami Heat Game, sorry Cleveland.  I even bought a Miami Heat shirt, sorry again Cleveland. 

Miami Heat Game at American Airlines Arena

Miami Heat Game at American Airlines Arena

We rounded out our trip with the most amazing brunch at The Peacock Garden and Cafe. Such a cute restaurant full of charm! How cute is their herb garden in an old bath tub! I so want to make one for keepsies. 

The Peacock Garden & Cafe

The Peacock Garden & Cafe

And that’s a wrap for now. See you again soon Miami!


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