RV Honeymoon Planning Meeting

Hi Everyone!

It is getting close! Just a few more weeks (fingers crossed) before our RV remodel is complete and we are on the road! We spent the last few nights planning out some “routes.” I’ll use routes very loosely here because we’re just noting places we want to see/stop and with the intent to drive through that area. My husband found this great tool on Pinterest which seems like it will help us a lot. Now I am a Pinterest Fanatic. Here is my Pinterest, make sure to check out my boards and follow me! It is probably my #4 most used app on my phone but I didn’t connect the dots on Pinterest’s new “map boards” and how awesome it would be for this trip. Shame on me. The map boards link and places we pin to a giant map and you can pull up the map and see quickly where each place is. You can zoom out and get a broad sense of what things are close to each other or you can zoom in to see exactly what road whatever place you want to see is on. It is actually perfect for what we want to do.

Here is the board I am talking about. See how cool?


planning meeting with our trusty Pinterest and some books!

We’ve also been reading a ton of books to get ready for this trip! The three pictured are:

USA’S Best Trips: 99 Themed Itineraries across America. Get it here.
This book is cool because as the title implies, the road trips are themed. Examples? “60 lighthouses in 60 hours” (New England) “Gunfighters & Gold Miners” (South West) “Historic Battles of the Civil War” (South) and “Here’s the Beef” (Great Plains). Cool right?

1,000 Places to See Before You Die. Get it here.
Once you get ove the fact that you will die one day (morbid) this book is great! It includes 1,000 physical landmarks to see throughout the world before you die. You’ll have to skip over the countries.. hemispheres that don’t apply to you. But once you get to the correct area, the destinations are pretty incredible and must sees. 

500 Things to do Before You Kick the Bucket. Get it here.
Again with the morbid titles. This books has about 495 great suggestions ranging from places to visit to activities to try. There are some weird “things to do” in this book… “compose a song” or “learn to play the bagpipes”  or “go to clown college” but whatever floats your boat right?!

We are always looking for suggestions on places we need to stop on our RV Honeymoon! You can comment on any of our posts or send an email to rvhoneymoon1@gmail.com with your suggestions!


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